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Justin Evans
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Greetings NI community,

Since the Mac Ventura update I have had nothing but distorted playback on Mascine. Most every song has pops cracks or distortion and I have tried everything mentioned in posts or yoytube.

As an example, pharlight both worlds that distorts when added to a simple track. Any Pharlight, starlight or other packages will distort.

I can strip tracks down to drums, bass line and pharlight background no fx and distortion takes place.

If I get rid of pharlight, works fine on some tracks while others still distort.

I have reinstalled everything same issue.

I have no clue what to do at this point.

Question is there polyphonic voice limit with the mk3 and maschine software and how do you adjust each one when some don't have any setting for it😡?

With pharlight you cannot seem to run any other sounds past 1-4 voices and the seems to be no polyphonic adjustment. I messed with buffers and sample playback, works fine for a while then distorts.

Also Mascine crashing and also did everything as mentioned in posts and YouTube, I wonder if this has something to do with the NI sever being down.

NI in the past has not been much help on this issue and just wants a track uploaded to listen for the distortion. CPU is running a bit high but no adjustments for that either.

Regards Justin 


  • ozon
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    What Mac model are you using? Which CPU? How much RAM? Harddisk or SSD? Enough free space on disk (could be an audio streaming issue)? What audio interface are you using? If it need drivers, are they up to date and reported to be compatible with Ventura? What are your audio settings (sample rate) in Maschine? What are your audio settings in Kontakt?

  • ozon
    ozon Member Posts: 890 Guru

    Is this the same issue you already had before upgrading to Ventura?

  • Justin Evans
    Justin Evans Member Posts: 9 Newcomer

    Greetings technically yes it went away then came back with ventura. I will be honest I don't have a clear understanding how to setup komplete and the integration of how things work on playback. In other words, does mascine use komplete or kompat for playback in the background and if so what settings do I do I use since they are very limited in a mac.

    I have a MacBook pro i9 with 8tb 64 ram all libary on the Mac all work done on mac.

    I have the mk3 disconnected because I am just mixing final product. However, there seems to be a polyphonic limit and no way to change it in certain sounds.

    The best example is on a track you have one drum track one bass and you add pharlight, starlight or astrlight and track distorts.

    Both worlds from starlight will do it right away.

    Cpu is close to maxed but no way to change that either.

    In fact there are more setting I heard in windows to solve this issue and none in mac.

    Just trying to export songs to.wav without distortion playback it's very frustrating.

    Regards Justin

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