So.... Some of the x1m3 media posts are staying 3.10 is needed and that that's going to be released this week. That true?



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    Remember, last version before Pro3 was 2.11

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    NI don't care about traktor pro anymore. It's a fact. You can dream of any of the features but if you listen to my advice switch to VDj or Serato and never look back. Subs is a joke, you got nothing but promises for more than a year. The fact they ignore ANY of the forum posts means they don't focus on us anymore. NI is not a dj software company so why bother.

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    Just curious and thought it odd that it wasn't on the beta program

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    My guess it will just add support for X1 mk3 and thus there is no need for public beta.

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    Today is Wednesday, 6th September 2023 15:42 CAT

    "APPARENTLY" today marks the release of Traktor Pro 3.10( 🤷‍♂️ ) on Native Access Ver. 3.4.0 (08493f9 /

    I read somewhere that 3.10 will be out....

    Who Has Been In Luck To Update their Traktor Pro 3 v3.9.0 90 (2023-05-31)???

    I have unfortunately not been in luck to download & upgrade to the new version


    Native Instruments Has Us By The Horns lmfao


  • Quade
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    Just saw This Now On

    Ask Me Anything : X1MK3

    Had to protect the users who commented

    Hehehehe Funny

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    The rumor started on Traktor´s own FB site. They shared this post and it is still present there.

    But right now in AMA: X1MK3 thread it says:

    "The official version will be out just shortly before the official X1 MK3 release. This allows us to keep the testing phase as long as possible to make this a solid update."

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    There is no version yet, but there are already bugs.

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    Hahahahaha yes I just saw this now as well.


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    Would make sense to release 3.10 into the public beta testing first before the X1 and its software update is officially available.

  • Sûlherokhh
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    Yeah, it would, wouldn't it? But I don't expect we will get an explanation of why it would make sense not to do it when it turns out there won't be a beta test before 20th.

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