loudness (Volume) difference when playing one vs two tracks

Hi. I have a discernible loudness difference if only one track is playing vs mixing tracks.

For example track A is playing and I start mixing track B. as soon as track A is mixed out and stops, the main volume is much lower. Usually Auto gain is enabled and I do make sure the loudness of the tracks is similar before mixing using the meters as guides.

I am not sure what settings I have wrong, but I did notice a difference if I turn FX routing on/off but not enough to solve the problem.

Appreciate your help



    LXNDR_BE Member Posts: 73 Helper

    Is this with or without a controller?

    If one deck is always louder than the other, it might be the crossfader - happened to mee to.

    If it is on certain Tracks it might be the trackquality - If I play older tracks from the 90s, the audio is always less loud, because over time the LUFS in wich tracks are published changed .. was -14 LUFS in the older days and has now risen to sometimes -8 LUFS

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