Consolidating Kits in Maschine?

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I'm curious if there is a quick way to consolidate kits in Maschine.

The TL;DR of my sitch:

When I start a project I usually load up a bunch of kits and mix them up with each-other. This has proven to become a bit of an issue down-the-line when I'm stemming things out, and especially if I'm live recording the Maschine (which only has 16 outs).

Once I've stemmed things out, I then have to delete a huge pile of audio files from the unused sounds in the various kits I'm using. And if I'm live recording, I have to deal with kits overlapping eachother on the 16 outs.

With all that being said -- is there an easier way to go about this? I'd love to put together the 16 sounds I'm actually using into one kit.

Using the export option is typically the easiest way I've found to import my scenes into my DAW, but exporting lacks the live recording flare of controlling fx, pitch, switching scenes on the fly etc.

Any suggestions would be much obliged! Thanks so much.


  • LostInFoundation
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    Why not “physically” doing it? Duplicate the sounds you are using in a new group creating your new kit

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