SERATO 2.0 MYTHBUSTER Hurry B4 they push the button!

The P.O.T.Y
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Serato 2.0 dropped with "STEM" feature. YT, Product Suppliers, and Blogs all dropped conten,ads, and walkthroughs...even reviews. But the big question in the back of all our heads was "Update" or new plugin? No one clearly stated "how" they obtained it, but when you visited Serato site it is a separate product and no update/crossgrade price is available. All rent-to-own sites only have Serato Sample 1.0 and no updates available. Thru all my digging and research one thing stuck out "free trial" for those who already used a 1.0 "trial". I trialed previously and have a Serato account also. But eventualy chose Splice rent-to-own for purchase. With concluding no update thru Splice, 2.0 is an separate product, and time may tell. I thought of a "hack"!

Download 2.0 "trial" (Since I already used my 1.0 trial thru Serato) and see if 2.0 will run side 1.0 as a "trial" or override 1.0 and only give me a 2.0 "trial".....Neither!

After installing 2.O and opening Maschine which already has Serato Sample 1.0 thru Splice rent-to-own. I opened a new session, went to Serato Sample (no 2.0 in name) opened VST in the corner a pop-up window showed "Splice Authorization Used".

So....if you have SPLICE rent-to-own obviously you dont have to the difference price or an upgrade price, as of now. Also with no update/upgrade price on Serato site, but you own 1.0 I will try this b4 paying a separate 150. And Splice as of now is not offering Sample at all rent-to-own. Now im bout try this "STEM" out.

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