Custom ensemble - help with bug in vocal pitch shifter macro involving beat loop and event table?

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I recently built my first ever synth for a uni assignment but I'm having 2 issues with the vocal pitch shifter part of it.

  1. I can make a track in Logic (also tried Ableton - same result), adjust all the pitch shifting perfectly, no problem. However, when I save the ensemble and the Logic project, then close and reopen it, the pitch shifter bit breaks and you can no longer make the little 1/16 adjustments - the whole thing becomes one big block. This doesn't happen in Reaktor standalone - when I save/close/reopen, the pitch shifting changes will be exactly as when it was last saved. However, if I open the Logic saved ensemble in Reaktor standalone (i.e. the broken one), the pitch shifter is still broken UNTIL I press play, then it magically fixes itself.
  2. I would like to be able to save the pitch shifting adjustments and sample selection within the snapshots - how can I do this?? I tried following the ADSR youtube tutorial on how to save event table data but it doesn't seem to work - no pitch shifting data is saved. I'm not even using the WX input so I'm guessing that's why (also not really sure what that does!!)

This is the pitch shifter section - sequence driven and you can draw in the individual pitch shifts:

This is the routing for this whole section - Pitch Shifter is driven by a sequencer:

Pitch Shifter macro:

Vocal Sequencer macro:

SeqDriver macro:

SongPos macro:

Thanks in advance!!


  • Michael O'Hagan
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    WX is the write to x index input, WY is the write to y index input, RX and RY are the read X/Y inputs, if your not inputting data into the WX and WY inputs its not entering the data table in any way.

    The event table modules do not natively save snapshot data, you need to use a snap value array being fed information from a mouse area moudule and then have the snap value array feed into the event table.


    This is a drum machine that I made a few years ago that does what you need and can make a good demonstration of how to do it.

  • glitterfairy878
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    Thank you so much Michael!! I've managed to get the snapshot saves working using the mouse area / snap value array :)

    However, I am still having the first issue in that when I save Logic, then reopen it, the sample stops playing properly from the Beat Loop module - basically it just loops the first beat over and over again.

    I checked the L16 output which is 16 (as expected) until you save & close Logic, then upon reopening, it is always 0 which is incorrect.

    It's really weird because if I then make a new track in Logic and add the exact same ensemble, it works perfectly again until I save, close & reopen which breaks it.

    Any advice would be amazing!!

  • Michael O'Hagan
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    I don't have logic, so ther is no way for me to test this out, but try doing the same thing with the updated core built beat looper, just hit enter and type the word beat, look foe the one that says beat looper (instrument) or something like that, ther is a newer updated and highly customizable version of that same type of module.

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