Instruments installed to one drive appear to take up space on another drive (C drive) also

Daniel O Brien
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I saw this same issue posted on another thread but it was never resolved (

I have a separate SSD drive (D drive) to install my instruments on and I have set this in Native instruments via "Content Location" path. All other paths are left at the default value.

I can see this folder (on the D drive) being populated correctly.

However when I check my standard C drive I see the same instrument taking up space according to Settings - Apps - Installed Apps

I'm confused as to how this is happening and that it's taking up huge amounts of space on the wrong drive. Any ideas here?

OS: Windows 11

Native Access 2: 3.5.1 (Latest version at the time of writing)


  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 1,901 Pro

    Just delete the duplicates of the plugins inside the folders you don't need.

    Or even better, just make a custom desktop folder for NI programs, then go to the File Management and just change the location to that folder.

    I hope it fixes the bug.

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