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Exporting Midi of clips as a single file

DoomOutlet Member Posts: 2 Member
edited March 2022 in Maschine

As far as I can tell I can only export a single clip (new in 2.14.7) that are in song view only. Once I've completed a composition, is there any way to export midi including the clips as as a single file?



  • ShelLuser
    ShelLuser Member Posts: 240 Pro

    Welcome to the forums!

    To my knowledge only bugfixes went into 2.14.7, no new features (see also the changelog here).

    You can export patterns as MIDI and while I agree that they look like clips I'd really suggest you name 'm for what they are because things could become really confusing otherwise. See, the thing is: a pattern can actually contain multiple MIDI clips (based on context).

    But to answer your question: no, you can't "just" export the whole thing as a single file, that's because it could never work that way.

    See, the problem is that within Maschine you're using a mixture of sounds and drums (pads). A pattern which only contains a drumpad can have up to 16 MIDI clips but each clip is basically only used to trigger a single sound: that specific drum ("sound") which is assigned to the pad. So while velocity and duration are a thing, the pitch isn't really used.

    But if we load up a melodic sound and then switch that to instrument mode on the Maschine you'll get a completely different situation: now you have 1 MIDI clip in which pitch is also an important factor.

    If you'd mix those two in a single file... then nothing good would come out of it.

    But instead of focussing on how to "do" something, why not tell us what it is that you're trying to accomplish?

    Because if you want to extract all MIDI out of a Maschine project then I'd recommend using a DAW so that each pattern can be spread out on its own track (for example).

    Hope this can give you some ideas.

  • Blindeddie
    Blindeddie Member Posts: 1,559 Expert

    You can export Export all the Clips, when you go to File--> Export Audio you just need to select the Proper "Range" and "Source". If you want Wav files of the individual sounds, select "Sound" if you want Individual Wav files of the Groups, select "Group" and if you want a single file of the entire mix, choose "Master". Also make sure to select the Range of "All"... Midi for an entire Song is not exportable, never has been. That can only be done at the Pattern level! I would suggest taking a look at section 5.4.3 of the Maschine Manual, although it does not specifically mention "Clips", the theory is exactly the same...

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