Kontakt 7 Browser / Search Tips?

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Hi everyone, first post so please excuse if I mess up some forum etiquette.

I've been a heavy Kontakt 5 user since 2013 and just got 7 because of Apple Silicon. I can't seem to get the hang of the new library browser and it's adding a lot of hassle to my workflow. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for how I can work smarter, short of hoping that NI adds more features?

Here are the problems I'm having:

– Sometimes when I use the search bar, Logic pro receives my keyboard input instead of Kontakt, resulting in a chain of random keyboard shortcuts in Logic instead of text in the search bar

– I often use old instruments that aren't in NI's DRM system, so I can only open them through the sidebar file browser. I understand there's a way to import them to the tile browser but seems like a lot of work

– Some of my most used libraries in tile view haven't been properly tagged by developers so they don't show up when I try to browse them using "sound type" and "character" tags

As a result I'm only using Kontakt 5 style sidebar browser at the moment (which I am more used to anyway). But because seemingly there's no way to set this as the default view, now I need to click the "Minimize View" and "Library Browser" icons in the Main Control Panel every time I open Kontakt. Which is all the time. Help??

Commiseration also appreciated if there is no fix XD 😓

Ventura 13.4, Logic 10.7.9, Apple M2 Max


  • Kymeia
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    In my testing this seems to happen if the Kontakt Windows has been resized inside Logic, even if only once or even inadvertently, Logic remembers it between sessions and even reboots so it may have been months ago and it will still cause this problem.

    The solution I found was to resize Kontakt to the size you want in the standalone before opening it in Logic, and then never again to resize it in Logic. At least it fixed it for me. Let me know if it does for you too.

  • Chris W
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    This is genius. Been trying to solve this for ages. So basically any resizing or changing of view in Kontakt screws it up and doesn't allow you to type in Kontakt. But then deleting and re-loading the instance of Konbtakt sorts it out again. As kymeia pointed out as long as you set Kontakt to the old browser style view in Standalone app it seems to remember this in Logic every time. Awesome thanks!

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