Z1 & Traktor DJ2 on iPad Pro /w Apple Silicon: any USB-C cables that charge while playing?

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Hello Community,

I am using Traktor DJ2 on an iPad Pro M1. Since iPads are no longer relying on lightning, I got myself an USB-C to USB-A adapter, so that I could use a standard USB-A to USB-B cable to connect my Z1 to it. It basically works, except charging the iPad while playing - of course with the A/C adapter plugged into Z1.

There was once an official NI USB-B Cable to connect Z1 and iPads via lightning - prior to Apple Silicon - which actually did exactly that: charging the device while playing. Can someone confirm that this is still possible using the correct cable - and if yes, which one that would be?

I was asking myself if an USB-C to USB -B could do the trick, but I am not sure about the power-direction in such cables, as peripheral devices - usually connected to USB-B (in this case Z1) - are the ones drawing the power from their host-devices, not providing it.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated, as I loved this compact setup a lot and couldn’t find any usable information on this subject anywhere.

Thanks in advance!


  • Markovicz
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    Hey @mux,

    that shouldn't be a problem when using the proper accessories. Could you please specify what kind of adapter you are using? Is it original Apple stuff?

  • mux
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    Hi Mark,

    I've tested two adapters: an unlabeled one (USB-C to USB 3.0/blue) and an Anker USB-C hub. Apple's official USB-C male to USB-A female adapter-cable, though labeled for iPhone charging via USB-A to Lightning, seems more intended to connect to MacBook USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 ports.

    USB-C to USB-B audio cables also directly exist for USB-B sound interfaces on USB-C computers, but the situation remains the same – reliance on the host for power.

    I'm curious if anyone has experimented with these options, considering the expenses and efforts required to navigate through them myself.


  • MikeKelly
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    Hi - did you ever find a solution to this?

    I have a brand new Z1 trying to connect to IPad Air M1 using Mac official connector - lights up and then dies. Can still use headphones etc but can’t mix. Super frustrating.

    can connect using my beaten up old MacBook Intel with no issues.


  • mux
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    Hi @MikeKelly,

    So far, I've tested two adapters: an unbranded USB-C to USB 3.0 (blue) and an Anker USB-C (3.x) hub. Both allowed me to control the software on my Z1 without the issues you experienced. However, I encountered a limitation – neither adapter provided power to the iPad during usage, unlike the original NI lightning to USB-B cable.

    I haven't experimented with other cables or adapters beyond these, as I'm hesitant to engage in a cycle of purchasing, testing, and possibly returning multiple items, especially without clear guidance on what's required for optimal functionality.

    If I were to make one more attempt, I would likely try a straightforward USB-C to USB-B cable as my final test.

    Sorry that I couldn't help you :(

  • MikeKelly
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    Thanks @ mux I’ve bought tonnes of different connectors etc but still no joy. Still have the same issues.

    checked firmware on z1 and iPad version and both bang up to date.

    slightly lost as I can’t get this working even after a week of trying. I’m going to have to return it now.

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