FX Midi Problem (Controller Manager)

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I've successfully set up my Behringer CMD Studio 4a and CMD CL-1 using the controller manager. Everything is functioning well, but there's one aspect I'm struggling to figure out.

On the LC-1, I've assigned the buttons for various FX effects. The buttons have the following settings:

On Click:

  • Turn on FX Unit (FX Unit 4 / hold)
  • Effect 1 Selector (any FX, direct)
  • Knob 1, 2, and 3 (any value, direct)
  • Dry/wet adjustment (any value, direct)

The setup is functional, but I've encountered a situation where I'm having a bit of trouble. When I use a button for a specific FX type (let's say "delay") and then press another button with a different FX, the "Unit On" function doesn't activate as expected. It only activates when I press the button a second time. Interestingly, if I use a different button with the same FX, the "Unit On" works on the first press.

In essence, when switching between two different types of FXs, the "Unit On" functionality seems to be skipped or delayed.

Do you have any insights into what might be causing this issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    There is a command that you should combine with any change of FX: The same button with the same condition that changes FX should also trigger the assignment ➔ 'FX Store Preset'.

    P.S. Nowhere in the manual is this explained. It's a (not so) secret trick for us MacroFX mappers.


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