Synching Traktor+Maschine Latency Issues

Hello all I am attempting to integrate my DJ setup with my Maschine setup. My intention is to route the maschine audio out into my S4 and use one of the decks in traktor as a live input. The issue im having is getting the latency right with this configuration.

When both maschine and traktor are routed into Ableton and are synched using Link, the synch is great. The latency issue arises when the maschine audio is ran into traktor as live input. I lowered my latency as low as it goes in traktor but the issue is still noticeable.

I attempted to adjusted for this using the offset but no matter what the value at it does not adjust the synch in anyway.

A) My question is when using Link does the "offset", "Play/Pause", or "Synch" not effect the latency? I confirmed this by routing both maschine and traktor into ableton to examine the wave forms and confirmed no matter the "offset Ms" value the phase does not improve.

B) If the left section of the image does not apply to link, when/what does the "offset Ms" apply to?


  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,535 mod

    The "offset" applies to MIDI Click setting which is different from Ableton Link. You should prioritize ableton link over midi clock sync when ever it is possible and go with Beat Sync setting for best results.

    What computer OS do you use?

  • AlluringSkull
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    I use a Mac. I was experimenting with both forms of synch and running their clicks into a daw to see how they lined up.

    1) Link was far more consistent but the issue is you can not adjust it forward or backwards to make up for latency.

    2) Synch through Traktors generic midi out works well enough but oscillates in and out of phase which is kind of frustrating.

    Seems your better off running them in parallel into ableton. Sadly I lose alot of my DJing work flow with this configuration.

    3) The second hurdle I face is the audio quality of maschine. When running cables from maschines MK3 out into my S4 in the audio quality of my Maschine is drastically reduced.

    Again I ran both routings of my masching audio into ableton and compared wave forms. The Traktor outs version was significantly worse quality than directly out of mashcine.

    Any recommendations on improving the audio quality while still bringing maschine into Traktor would be GREATLY appreciated.

    I plan on experimenting more with Jacked Audio router to see if that would improve the maschines audio quality. I'm hesitant to go this path because I would be introducing another point of instability to my live performance.

    Sadly I think this venture is another point of neglect for NI. They come so close to making a amazing product and leave just a few simple key features out that sours the entire experience. I grow more and more frustrated that I choose their path as t he years go on.

    Thank you for reading this rant of text.

  • Itchygash
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    What soundcard are you using? As they both have inbuilt sound cards changing them to either use their respective sound cards or piggy back the maschine on the s4 sound card or vice versa might help you results?

    Im trying to use a Tr8s on the live input of an s4 and have the maschine run as well (which is midi up to the Tr8s) using the link feature (I don't use abelton at all) and find offsetting the Tr8s to 14/17 in the maschine midi setting gets everything in time but then adding link in traktor kind of gets the timing a little off, but I think with playing around with settings trial and error....hope that makes sense.

  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,535 mod

    1 - try setting different buffer sizes in each software.

  • AlluringSkull
    AlluringSkull Member Posts: 29 Member

    Thanks for the input. Curious what you mean by piggy back on my S4 soundcard? As in using an app light Jack audio to route the audio internally?

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