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Hi, my maschine setup has been in production for many years and I am noticing that when I am browsing thru samples I seem to often run into duplicate listings of samples where one is silent and the other is the actual sample. Can anyone post a recommended way to flush and clear the cache and re-scan all sample content? I already did it in the GUI and the problem seems to still persist. I assume maybe there is a db file one needs to delete.

I am on the latest patch version of Maschine.



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    I am having the same issue.

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    Are you talking about One-Shots/Loops? User Library or the NI Library? Theres no 'cache' for that, it scans at startup or by demand.

    Give an example, screenshot or - right click both an original and duplicate and select "Find In Finder" (Explorer in Windows?) It will try to open the folders in your OS, that will give a hint on whats happening.

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