Serato Sample 2.0

Percivale Member Posts: 197 Advisor

Someone in NI needs to see this. Serato taking Stems to another level. Maybe hurry up a bit with new Traktor and/or Maschine software stuff?


  • Jean Voyage
    Jean Voyage Member Posts: 33 Helper

    The problem with your demand is that AI stem separation is not a 100 preset soundbank that NI can sell to you for 49 [insert currency].

    Maschine software can’t even convert samples to mono, lacks proper time stretch in the sampler instrument (where the good stuff for sampling is) and can’t read mp3.

    How dare you demand that NI does 2022/23 tech when they haven’t even caught up with 2010 tech in the Maschine software from their early 2000’s feature set. /s

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,023 Expert

    For Traktor it's on the roadmap.

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