Performance gains from using Maschine Mk3

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I want to ask if there is evidence or opinion about whether using MK3 alleviates processing load at the computer CPU.

I have been running Komplete Kontrol Ult Coll ed 13 for some time and have found limitations around the Number of LPX tracks I can simultaneously attach to NI programs like session guitar, session keys, strings, etc. I get to 6 or 7 tracks and then the wheel of death kicks in on my Mac mini M1 16 gb. If I’m running effects or non engine driven products its much difference. I am purging memory on individual modules too. I also export tracks to audio when done to lessen load - It operates adequately.

My question is - will my maschine MK3 reduce the M1 load when running machine?

I haven’t yet set it up as multi Timbral to plug into 16+ tracks and wonder how that will operate with multi-timbral Komplete Kontrol attached simultaneously?



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    Maschine MK3 does not decrease CPU load. It is vice versa, to run MK3 PC CPU is used here and there to communicate with MK3 and to render the screen of MK3.

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