Find compatible tracks in key and bpm

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Hi, given a song is it possible to find compatible songs both in key and bpm?

Say for example your song is 2m 110 bpm, find all tracks that have key in [1m, 2m, 2d, 3m] and bpm in range 105-115. Is something like that doable in Traktor browser?


  • Patch
    Patch Member Posts: 223 Pro

    What you're talking about is Dynamic Smart Playlists. Smart Playlists that take their one of their conditions as "the key/tempo of the currently playing track is..."

    We've asked.

    I spent hours (10's of hours!) creating Smart Playlists in iTunes for tracks in compatible keys. I use it much less than I thought I would, if I'm honest.

  • Oxy
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    No, not directly, would be a nice feature indeed simplifying some things.

    But, I made a few folders corresponding to BPM-ranges, with smart-lists in there corresponding to each key. This makes it fast and easy to find something compatible without too much scrolling in a large collection.

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