komplete 14 standard - several libraries/ instruments missing...

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i recently bought komplete 14 standard.

all has been working ok, until today, when all of a sudden several of my installed libraries and instruments are missing from native access.

when i try to open kontakt 7, it says it's a demo version and that i'll have to activate it from native access, but when i have native access open and click on activate (in kontakt 7), kontakt just shuts down.

i'm using some of the missing instruments in a project, so i'll need this to be working asap.

any ideas?

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  • Uwe303
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    can you login into your account online and see there under the "my products" page - then look in native access and see what's there, maybe you can post a picture of native access. Then maybe have a look here: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/4402377887121-My-Products-Are-Showing-As-DEMO-in-Native-Access

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @brynte5 You are probably experiencing this recent Native Access issue: Products missing in Native Access

  • brynte5
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    thanx for your responses.

    this problem was solved by clicking on jeremy's link and following the instructions there.

    everything is back to normal.

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