Adding new pads is an issue, when I use lock states.

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Hey guys,

When I am using lock states and wanted to add a new pad to the composition. That new pad appears on every existing lock states. Because of that, I have to manually mute or volume down that pad on every single lock state, is there an easy way to do that? or keep the new pads volume down as default?




  • tetsuneko
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    I recommend you only create lock states after you have finished your compositon, or at least have already added all assets to your project.

  • deluxepaint
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    Thanks, Tetsuneko but that is too much limitation, I want to be able to add more lock states and create more sounds and keep going forward with my music.

  • deluxepaint
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    ok, I understand the lock states a little better now.

    So the lock states only save a state when there is a parameter change. So when I add new pads, I only record the volume change information in the last state which is volume up. In order to mute the sound from the beginning, I just need to volume it down at the beginning. But If I want to switch between lock states, I have to make sure that new pads are volume down in those lock states as well.

    So, we need an improvement here. We need to be able to update the selected parameters on desired lock states, this way we don't have to update every single lock state one by one, which is a real issue when working with lock states and wanting to add more layers into music on to go.

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