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I bought Kontakte 6 yesterday and got a message that I had to dowload and install Native Access first. But the program will not accept my password! I don't have any other password than the one I use to enter the Native Instruments website. What have I misunderstood?

Thanfull for all help :-)



  • Kubrak
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    Do you have an User Account at NI? I am not sure how it is now, but in past there was an the NI User Account and NI Forum Account, each could have distinct password.... (Maybe that now there is only one, I am not sure...)

    If you use correct User and Password, checking if keyboard is in correct state might help. CAPS Lock, NUM Lock, correct keyboard layout (if using more kb layouts)... One may press correct keys, but keyboard may send different characters.....

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    Also keep in mind that passwords are CASE sensitive. So.. are you sure your capslock isn't on?

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    Also if using windows, if copy pasting, be careful about trailing blank space. Common problem with windows os.

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    Saw that you contacted our support and this article helped in the end 🙂

    Native Access Error Message: "Permission denied"

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