Negative MIDI Time Offset for Sounds in Maschine 2

Tobias Berka
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Due to audible driver latency, even with ASIO4ALL, providing a negative time offset for external MIDI (or MIDI-via-class-compliant-USB) would be an enormous improvement for external drum machines, synthesizers, and VST instruments.

The MIDI clock synch generator already provides a negative offset. Maybe this existing implementation can be carried over to instruments.

I cannot stress enough how much of an improvement this would be. Currently, I shift whole production steps into my mix-down in Cubase. If Maschine 2 had the ability to correct the latency, we could do it all seamlessly in your software.

Anyhow, thanks for all your awesome solutions!


  • JesterMgee
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    Unless I am not understanding, would that mean the MIDI signal is triggered before the play head reaches the position it would have to be played? How would that work for an external instrument to have something play before it is suppose to? The only way would be to delay the whole project by that amount which I would think would increase latency a lot.

    What is your audio interface? If you use A4A then sounds like you do not have a decent ASIO compatible interface since that is usually the solution to solve latency and audio performance issues.

  • Tobias Berka
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    edited August 2023

    It works exactly as it does for the external MIDI clock or in other software sequencers.

    The delay exists across all drivers and MIDI outs/interfaces, including MIDI via USB for connected synthesizers.

    I run Cubase 12, but A4A gives me the lowest latency in Maschine 2 - and I use the Yamaha Steinberg UC22, which is literally built for ASIO.

    All that aside, you have the same need for all VST instruments running outside of Machine.

    And a potential solution is literally already in the software, but in another place.

  • Murat Kayi
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    Asio4all is a wrapper for native onboard sound drivers, enabling you to make use of the ASIO protocol. But it is not actually a way to get to high-quality low-latency audio setups.

    It is always preferable to make use of the ASIO drivers of your interface as they provide an audio setup with lower latency and stable data flow, much more so than ASIO4ALL.

    Why don't you use your interfaces ASIO driver? How much of a latency (roundtrip) do you get when you use ASIO4ALL, how much when you use the true ASIO driver of your interface? Have you followed N.I.'s knowledge base article on how to optimize your computer for audio, btw?

  • Tobias Berka
    Tobias Berka Member Posts: 7 Member

    Thanks for all the pointers - I am not looking to reduce the delay, I am suggesting the usual feature to eliminate all delays (so I can record external gear without having to extend and trim).

  • Murat Kayi
    Murat Kayi Member Posts: 428 Pro

    The only delay of that sort I know of is PDC, but that refers to a completely different kind of delay, AFAIK. And Maschine doesn't have that either

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