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Transferring pattern address MIDI to Logic Pro

tashley Member Posts: 25 Member
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Hi all,

I have Maschine 3 and the latest versions of Mac OS, Maschine Browser and Logic.

I have patterns in Maschine that I like - and I like to create variations on them in Maschine too - but I then want them on tracks in Logic.

Say the patterns I’m using are in a drum kit called FMWash in an expansion kit. There are four patterns I like and I have created variations too. At the moment I am creating a new virtual instrument track in Logic, selecting the correct drum kit for that track using Komplete Kontrol plugin and then using the drag and drop method for pulling the MIDI file over from Maschine Browser onto the Logic track. The trouble is, the notes from Maschine don’t map correctly onto the same instrument in Logic. It’s all mussed up and to get it right, in every region I have transferred, I have to select all the notes in that row on the piano roll and work out which row to drag them to. WhicH is very tedious and time consuming. So if, for example, the kick is C1 and the tom tom is G1 in Maschine, they might need transposing to totally different notes in Logic’s instance of the exact same drum kit.

Is there any shortcut I am missing because this seems like really poor integration of Maschine with NI in Logic. And I have watched a zillion videos and still not found the answer…

All help gratefully received!



  • LostInFoundation
    LostInFoundation Member Posts: 4,004 Expert

    What is presumably happening is that when you load the kit in Komplete Kontrol inside Logic, it is loading the Battery version of the kit, that has the sounds mapped on different notes.

    You can otherwise set up midi tracks in Logic that will send to the Maschine Plugin inside Logic on another track (which between is imo the best integration of Maschine in a DAW, allowing to use Maschine controller at his full potential). In this way you can export your patterns’ midi on those tracks or even record directly on those and having them playing the correct sounds.

    It seems a tedious work routing all of this, but if you set up a template to reopen every time you have to do it only once.

    Check on YouTube for tutorials on how to do it. I have a very good one, explaining everything clearly and without taking too much time. It’s the best one I ever found, but it’s in French and on Ableton Live (you just have to put captions and adapt it to Logic

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