Can I install the Kontakt 7 app on my mac's external drive when Installing Komplete 14?

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Hi! I am about to install Komplete 14 for the first time. I have a MacBook Air and external SSD disk with 1TB. Instruction videos from NI says I should store all sound libraries on a external disk. But should Kontakt 7 also be stored external? What's the right thing to do to get this running as smooth as it can?

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  • DodMod
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    I am not on Mac but Windows so things might be a little different.

    When I installed K14 I left the preferences in Native Access at their defaults except for the Library Content. This was changed to an external drive.

    It appears that performance is best with Kontakt in the default location.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Craft7 As @DodMod said. On Mac, it's even simpler. You should not move the applications from the default install locations. You can choose different folders or drives for the content (Kontakt libraries, Reaktor instruments, expansions, etc...) and for download. See this article: How to Change the Install Locations in Native Access

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