Download failure for Kontakt 7 (full version!!!!)

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Hi. NI just got like 400 bucks from me on Monday, meaning I have the full version of kontakt. Now I won't have to be jealous of the people who do.

However, there is another problem. It will not update through Native Access. It just refuses to start the update process. Like, it won't even download! I click update, and boom, "update failed." Why? I have a mac intel chip and the latest operating system, Ventura, if that helps.

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  • DodMod
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    The first and most obvious question is what version of Kontakt did you download? You should have got the latest version.

    In the Kontakt section of this forum the lastest version is shown as being 7.5.2, if this is the version you have there are no further updates required.

    Native Access will let you know when an update is available, once it does it can then be downloaded.

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  • trevorvennom
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    Guys, it finally worked! I just had to delee this aria extension from my downloads folder! Thank you for your upport!

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