Kontakt 7 Deactivated Today Out Of The Blue

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Today when I opened Kontakt 7 it told me that I could only open it in demo, buy it or activate it on Native Access, which I did, I tried reentering the serial just in case but nothing happened. Actually, Kontakt 7 doesn't even appear on Native Access.

I panicked because I'm playing tomorrow in a big event and bought the komplete standard bundle, thinking that maybe my license was revoked or something. That didn't work so I bought directly that thing. It didn't work. Opened a support ticket, I haven't had an answer so far. So now I'm like 500 dollars poorer and I still can't get that thing to work.

Tried deleting the folder, to see if I could reinstall Kontakt 7, but since it's no longer in NI I can't do that.

Restarted my computer several times.

Refreshed the NI library clicking the icon in the upper right.

Actually some NI access apps didn't have full disk access but I fixed that and restarted once again the computer.

Made sure the NTK daemon is working and has appropriate permissions.

Tried searching for updated for my Mac and Native Access, both seem up to date.

I'm out of ideas.

This has been pretty frustrating, any help is appreciated.

here are some screenshots:

Native Access and Kontakt 7 not being there


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