Traktor software licence and upgrade for equipment purchased second-hand (used)

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Having read the NI website pages, I'm still confused about software licencing and used equipment.
1) Just checking...
If I buy a used Z1 with no Licence Transfer Code, I believe I can still use the serial number to download Traktor LE 3?
2) Key question...
Having got that, can I then buy Pro 3 at the 'upgrade' price, or would I need to have the voucher (that would have come with it new) to get that? If you need the voucher, without it I'd presumably have to pay full price for Pro 3 (making a used Z1 +Pro 3 nearly as expensive as a new one, so not worth it!)

(BTW I ask as I'm helping someone on a very low income to get started, so need to keep their outlay as low as possible!)


  • Ryan_NI
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    Hey, @wwwolf !

    Thanks for writing. You're correct in your assumption that you would get LE3, it comes with the hardware serial number. You might still need a transfer request process for this, however.
    I'm not entirely sure if I can answer your second question off of the top of my head, this would probably have to be dealt with by the NI Order Support team. As you mentioned, the voucher would normally come with a new purchase - would you like me to get you in touch with support and create a ticket?
  • wwwolf
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    Yes please!
    And I'm slightly concerned about the 'might' in the first part of your answer, which appears to contradict something I found on the website (though now can't find again!) suggesting that, for the LE version, you do not need a tranfer request...? So it would be good to hear from the Order Support Team on both.
    Thank you.
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