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I have been dealing with NI for over a month now and they have offered me no help at all. I am running a brand new Mac Pro, macOS 13.5 I have tried using both Native Access 1 and the current version. After more than a month of doing this on my own (since NI gave me no help), I have most of my instruments installed. I have Komplete 14 plus a ton of other third party libraries and instruments. Inside Native Access, almost all of my instruments have the orange exclamation point next to them saying they are in need of repair. However, they all show up in Kontakt 7 and function just fine. I have tried re-installing but nothing changes. I relocate it and it finds it just fine and turns green - but when I click through, it is still the orange exclamation point. Also, when I click through to Settings > File Management Content Location, I cannot correct it. I point it to the NI library but it keeps telling me it is incorrect. I browse to the upper level of the drive, still nothing. This is the drive that has most everything inside of Kontakt. It is a 2TB NVMe.2 internal drive, very fast. But I cannot point Native Access to it. I am at a loss. And every time I contact NI, the agent just points me to the standard help files and videos - which do nothing. I have asked for a senior agent but none is ever offered. The excuse has been that they are very busy. I have had Komplete for almost 15 years, since version 3. What happened to their customer service? Thanks.



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    Hi @rosindabow sorry to hear about your problems. I see that our support team has requested more details from you using a support tool. We'll get back to you shortly!

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