Maschine Studio and Komplete S61 MK2 connected to Cubase at same time

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Hi, Posting this again as posted last night and no sign of it today.

Is it possible to have Maschine Studio hardware and S61MKii keyboard connected and fully functioning without issue to same session (song) in Cubase 12 Pro?

I have Maschine 2 plugin on one track and then 8 midi tracks assigned to Maschine 2 VST.

This all works fine (thanks to Jeff Gibbons on YouTube).

However When I then try to use my S61 on different tracks assigned to Komplete Kontrol I get issues where the keyboard does not respond to opening the browser in KK and vice versa, the browser button on the keyboard does not become active.

If there are any links to this I would appreciate a nnod in the right direction.



  • LostInFoundation
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    Is the s61 in mid mode or controller mode?

  • maax555
    maax555 Member Posts: 17 Member

    It's in its standard mode. That is to say controller mode when it's on a track thar has kk on it. It's in its default mode which automatically detects a kk track

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @maax555 It should work. If you open the Maschine software in standalone, do you get the same issue?

    If you don't connect the Maschine controller, do you have the same kind of issue? How are the keyboard & Maschine Studio connectd? Directly to a USB port? To a USB hub?

    What's your operating system?

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