What's the process to move all my Kontakt libraries from one computer to another?

Axel Vapaa
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Hi all.

I am about to receive a new Mac and would like to move all my libraries from my old Mac to the new one WITHOUT having to re-download 2Tb worth of content.

Actually, the library contents are, at the moment, on an external SSD.

The way I understand all this to work when downloading a library, one part is the software installed on the machine, and the other part is the contents/samples of the library. Am I wrong?

So... first, I had everything on my old Mac, but since I ran out of space, I put all the sample side of the libraries into an external SSD. So, if I understand correctly, Native Access knows each library is installed on my internal Mac drive, and their content is on my external SSD.

I was thinking about just taking all the contents of each library (currently on my external SSD), and move them to my new Mac (internally) and then tell Native Access to relocate to where the contents will be.

BUT, it seems that (logically) it won't work because Native Access (on my new Mac) won't see any of these libraries as "installed". Right?

So what would be the process for me (if it exists) to move everything from my external SSD to my new Mac without having to re-download the 2Tb of library contents. Is there a way I can install the libraries I own, and relocate their content to the new Mac?

Thank you for reading and for the help!


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