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Due to a dodgy cable that had snapped off inside one of the audio inputs of Maschine, I followed some methods for removing it I found online which almost worked - but the tip is left stuck, and cannot get by the ribbon clickers that keep the plugs in place. Tried many times to no avail.

Looks like I need to replace the audio input jacket, but how does one purchase one for Maschine? Is there a generic one that can work?

I would greatly appreciate it if someone has a solution for me.

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    I doubt there will be any service parts you can direct purchase from NI, they can offer to fix/replace (at a cost) but don't offer internal parts for user replacements.

    Have you opened it up? Is the phono socket fully sealed? Sometimes there is a small hole in the end specifically so you can use a rod to eject broken plugs. If it is just the tip that is hard to extract from the other way because of the locking tab that clicks it firm in place so it has to be pushed out from the other way.

    Usually to replace you need the service manual to get the required part. It may be possible to get a different generic connector, they are nothing special, as long as it either fits the boards solder pads or you can mount it into the back using a nut and extend wires down.

    Possibly if you ask their support direct they may be able to tell you the part number but usually they won't bother and instead just ask to send it back for repair.

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