How to use SoundSwitch with Traktor Pro 3

I have been using Traktor Pro 3 with the Traktor S4 mk3 controller for a couple of years and just bought the SoundSwitch software with the hardware Controller, SoundSwitch Control One.

I like to start controlling the lights at my dj-gigs with DMX lighting and intrigante it as mush as possible with Traktor pro 3.

I link the two softwares together with Ableton Link, but Master Sync in Traktor is not Deck focus to SoundSwitch and Ableton Link only seems to work with static MasterClock bpm from Traktor, so after every track i need to push the Master Reset button at the S4 and directly after klick the MasterClock Icon in the Traktor software to reset the Master tempo to get the SoundSwitch software to follow the new bpm at the next track.

I know SoundSwitch is only compatible with Traktor in Autoloops mode, and you can also use SoundSwitch in Standalone mode to tap your new bpm at every new track to match Traktor, but that is just stupid and same as Ableton Link, but if the SoundSwitch software could follow the Deck Focus with fader up in Traktor instead of a static Master tempo it would be a great improvement.

Am i missing something in the settings or is Traktor not at all compatible with SoundSwitch, except Master sync static bpm??

Please pile on with your knowledge 😀


  • digisun
    digisun Member Posts: 5 Member

    I have no idea about this controller but from Thoman website It looks like it doesn't integrate deeply Traktor.

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