Some samples from Remix Deck won't sync with Track Decks

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I am experiencing an issue I never had before. I created some new samples on Ableton Live and some of them just won't sync to the track playing on Deck A or B. It looks like there is a problem in analysing the BPM. For a few of them, it got fixed by importing the sample on a Track Deck, but for the others, the problem persists and I'm not sure what I can do to fix this.

All the samples are long enough and have a set BPM on Ableton of 125.

If you are aware of a fix, you would save me from insanity because this is driving me a little mad 😅





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    For me ever since pattern player was added this started happening to me with no response from NI team about this situation.

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    I don't use the remix decks as much anymore. When I did, most of the analysis was done by using a track deck first making sure I had it perfect and also many of the times I would use the Loop Recorder to add an effect or filters. For me that was an easy way to test against tracks and get volumes correct as well make variations.

    I realize what you describe is probably a bug, especially if the sample has a beat(transients).

    I do remember having many issues with any sample that was supposed to be offset and had silence at the beginning. It would analyze the sample so that the downbeat was 1/2 beat in and the length would be incorrect. I either edit in Ableton to an 8bar loop then set the remix cell sample start. Or resample in Traktor Loop Recorder and set the remix cell start.

    Another issue I found was using the deck looping on a remix set would sometimes not catch the sample. I believe the Beatmasher also wouldn't catch the sample depending on the sample start and quantize settings. It has been a while so it is hard to remember.

    But my point is my best results for making my remix set were done with the Loop Recorder and track deck along side a playing track. I got everything perfect in the loop or resampled. I had terrible results adding straight to the remix decks. I also did all the naming in Traktor before doing the play 3x to save before exporting the sets.

    Sorry if this is useless information, but that was the workflow I used.

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    Thanks for your answers!

    I don't know if it is related or not, but I believe this has started since I have been starting using the Step Sequencer - looks like it messed up the software?

    Shame that Traktor do not have a fix for this, this is very annoying.

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    it got fixed by importing the sample on a Track Deck, but for the others, the problem persists and I'm not sure what I can do to fix this.

    What kind of samples are you using though, loops, one-shots, lenght etc?

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    Ok, so I believe I may have found a fix - at least this seems to be working for me. I think the samples I was creating were not long enough, the majority of them were 4 bars. By extending them to 8 bars, it seems like Traktor is having less of a struggle to understand the tempo of the samples and is able to sync the samples accurately.

    I have tried with some of the samples that I was having problem with, and it has done the trick so far.

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    That's why I asked about the lenght. Thought they are made too short, you can leave an of empty space behind the sample as well to make them longer.

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    I know this topic is a few monts old. But i have quite a similar problem.

    If i drag & drop a sample from a sample pack (8 Bars at least) into my remix deck it not sync's to the tempo of the song in deck b. what i had to do was down in the extended bar where the bpm is shown i had to type in the original tempo of the song. after that all was in sync. But this can't be the process to manually update the bpm? do i have to deactivate the sync button in that slot before i drrag in the sample? is that maybe a reason why my samples not sync?

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