Maschine mk2 wont open after 2.17.4 Update

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Hey, I recently had an issue loading my serato sampler so I thought let me just upgrade the Maschine.. So I did to the 2.17.4 update and now the Maschine won't open at all. I already sent a ticket out but wanted to ask if there is a way to go back to a previous version perhaps 2.16.1? Is it an easy process? thanks for the help!


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  • bindu8clow
    bindu8clow Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
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    I've got it to open by reverting back to an older version. Thanks for not answering my question Sunborn.. Serato sampler wont open still and now reaktor 6 also gets the same error message " the following plug ins can not be loaded. Thanks for the help LostINfoundation Ill try them.


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