Help please….suddenly Maschine mk3 as an audio interface doesn’t work

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Hey guys!

hoping someone can help me out here. Fired up the Maschine for the first time in a while and I’m having problems…no sound coming out of the headphone jack.

So, I double check to make sure “Maschine mk3” is selected as the audio interface. It is.

the funny thing is, when I adjust the sample rate, say from 44.1 to 48, it suddenly starts working again, briefly. Then sounds cuts out again. Every time I switch sample rates I get about 4 seconds of audio and then it cuts out completely again.

any ideas here?? Some kind of computer setting I may have screwed up? (In using a Mac)

never had any issues until now and I don’t know how to troubleshoot this



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    please disregard, I forgot to try the old “turn the computer off and then back on again” trick. 🙄

    no idea what the hell happened but it’s working again now after a computer restart. Cheers


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