Maschine Mikro Mk3 Input lag in Cubase 12

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Recently updated to C12, I like the changes so far but I have run into a annoying issue.

I noticed that my NI Maschine Mikro Mk3 (+maschine 2 software) midi controller suffers from slight input lag in C12. So when you press the pad there is a slight lag before you hear the sound between 20-40ms I'd guess.

I did a comparison with C11 and in C11 there is no such issue present, so it is definitely C12 related.

I checked all the settings between C11 and C12 and they are similar. Same buffers, audio interface settings etc. 

What should I check that could cause this issue?

I have latest Maschine software (2.14) and all the latest drivers. The issue is not present in Cubase 11, only in Cubase 12.


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    What buffer size? Any FX on the chain? Master?

    What should I check that could cause this issue?

    Try turning "Constrain Latency Compensation" on/off, it was a button with a clock in previous versions not sure it changed or not; I'm still on V11.

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