Connecting library one by one. Why is Native Access poorly designed

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New Mac and yet again in NI install hell!!! Why can't they make Native Access work like every other company's install software?! I have all my NI samples on external drives already. Native Access makes you find and connect each library 1 by 1. It won't even find the libraries from the NI root folder... you need to take it by the hand and show it each pathway like showing a 90 year old where their email inbox is. That's over 200 times I have to do the process... It's outrageous!! Every other company does it properly. You select the root folder and there's one click to connect all your sample libraries. Takes seconds... with NI, it takes hours!! I've raised this with support in the past and it's still not sorted out!! The only thing they know how to do is send me emails about my upgrade offers!!



  • Kubrak
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    Yes, it would be nice o have such functionality. But, it is not that simple as it seems to be. There are probably more important things on NI TODO list....

    You may let NA install everything again. Or let it install small libraries and make Locate by hand just for big ones.... That is, what I do...

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    Hi, as far as I know there is a "relocate all" option and then you don't have to manually point to each path if they are in the same location. Apple also some time ago did not allow you to install Logic library on another drive, and now it is possible. Let's give the developers time to refine the tools and their products. I think they are reading our contributions and probably already have some ideas on how to develop all this in the future :) 

  • Zephyr
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    Yea, that's what I've ended up doing, partial manual but it's still an evening lost. Everyone else has this function, surely it can't be that difficult to code?

  • Zephyr
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    I believe it did have the function for a short while, maybe in the first version but it's gone now. I actually forgot that it had it before... so it makes even less sense that it's not there in the current version :D

  • Kubrak
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    Relocate All is not the same thing as Locate All. Relocate All is to be used on already installed (on given computer) Content, hypotetical Locate All would tell NA, where to find Content that has not been installed yet on given computer.

    Who has the feature to "bulk install" not installed content? I do not know any.

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    the way i re-installed everything when transitioning from Windows to Mac...

    all my NI stuff was on a SSD formatted with NTFS...

    the first thing i did was making a purchase of the paragon software NTFS for Mac... once installed, my NTFS SSD was recognised i began the process of installing thing my NI stuff via Native access... by pointing NA to where my content libraries were...

    This of course saved on some download time, some of the content needed updating and downloads accordingly, alot of the time i spent pointing to the directorys on my SSD... which was cumbersome, but it did save on time... whats more the paragon software allows me to utilise contents of an SSD that are not natively formatted in APFS

    I do acknowledge however the process of installation of NI stuff is time consuming which ever way you do decide to install,,, it is the nature of the beast & comes with the territory

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    I understand your frustrations @Zephyr.

    The "Locate all" feature is currently under development for future implementation. Check out a roadmap here.

    As for, in Kubrak's words, "more important things on NI TO DO list", the prio for the Native Access team right now is the Uninstall feature. I believe this will be released very soon.

  • Zephyr
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    Hi Kaiwan... Yea I actually found that this morning... good to see it's in the pipeline!! Cheers

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