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Instruments not displaying

wjz Member Posts: 7 Sine

Hi guys,

I'm encountering this issue where my instrument image isn't showing up or displaying in the instrument list below (as seen in the attached image). This is what I see after I drag the instrument from the library to the right panel. The presets are visible, but the drums are not. It was showing up and working perfectly fine, and then this is what happened after I woke up the next morning.

Does anyone know the reason, or better yet, the solution to this?


Best Answer

  • Blindeddie
    Blindeddie Member Posts: 1,551 Pulse
    Answer ✓

    looking at your screenshot above, you do not have any of the virtual outputs actually assigned to physical outputs (audio interface outputs) which might be the issue. see screen shot...

    so for st.1click on the "-|-" at the bottom and the popup will indicate that it is "not connected" click that and you should get a list of available outputs...select them for Ch 01 and Ch 02 and see if that works.


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