Absynth 5.3.4 does not start in Windows 10 (ABS5-948)

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Some Windows users experience this issue. Absynth will not start. Windows error reports mention ucrtbase.dll failure. In this case, this is the workaround: 

You can try to enable: "Beta: Use UTF-8 for worldwide language support".

You can find this under: 

Windows Start > Settings> Time & Language> “Date, time, & regional formatting ”>“ Additional date, time, & region settings ”> Region> Administrative> Change system locale

If deactivated, activate the check-box "Beta: Use UTF-8 for worldwide language support".

Then restart the computer and try again. 

(Sometimes the system language needs to be set to English instead)


  • hmarkstrom
    hmarkstrom Member Posts: 7 Member

    That make other program not working. So a new version of Absint that works i Windows is a must.

  • Jürgen Cramer
    Jürgen Cramer Member Posts: 3 Member

    This also concerns FM8. I am waiting for more than a year for NI solving this bug.

    The workaround is a no go because some other programs wont work.

  • juergen_b
    juergen_b Member Posts: 5 Member

    Same here, my Windows username has special characters. Using the "workaround" is not an option because it breaks other applications as well as filenames with special characters.

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