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Hello all I am primarily a mac user and have all my DAWs and VSTs installed on it. I do have access to a windows computer but none of my audio software is installed on it. I am attempting to tag all my samples and plugins using Preset Magician on my Windows machine. Is it possible to use preset magician to tag my libraries without having the actual VSTs installed on my system? My plan is to tag them on my windows machine then bring them back over to my mac. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



  • Sunborn
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    Nope it is not possible, Preset Magician has to "see" the VSTs.

    But, if your your only goal is just tagging, then you do not need Preset Magician. You can do an excellent tagging inside Maschine or Komplete Kontrol.

  • AlluringSkull
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    I was able to generate the tags by installing trials of all my software. Now my hurdle is getting the 3rd party tags (.nksf files) into the right folder on my mac to get them to work.

    This photo is of where my factory .nksf files are:

    And this next photo is where I placed the .nksf files I generated on my windows machine for my 3rd party plug in's.

    Does this look like the right location? Is there anything or any other files I need to copy to make the 3rd party previews work?

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    The previews need to go in the folder where the nksf presets are but you have made things harder for yourself by having so many subfolders as each one will need its own previews

    User Content is where they should go - although you can really put them pretty much anywhere as long as you then add that path to the user library locations in settings

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