How to convert 0-1 into a radian scale?

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I'm working with the ezfft vec to pol module and it sasy that the phase is measured in a radian scale, I'm not really familiar with this terminology and a couple of google searches came up with some information regarding it being a radius based measurment scale where phase alignment is calculated in 0-360 degrees.

Doesn't seem that difficult, the problem is that 0 to 3.6, -3.6 to 3.6 and so on are not creating a full range across the phase alignment.

Also, it has to do with the sine bank module which uses a -1 to 1 scale, and I need to align both of these so that the phase of 1 stays aligned with the phase of the other.

Is there any standard formula to track the phase of 2 sine waves using different scales so that they will stay in phase with on another?


Here is what I'm trying to do.

I've built a harmonic editor for the sine bank and I'm trying to use the iEzFFt 512 vec to pol clocked to an iterator to create a live updating waveform display of the wave that the current harmonics and phase will generate.

You can see the oscillascope at the top and the vec to pol output graphics at the bottom, they are very different and I believe that the different phase scales are the reason why.


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    360 degree is 2pi radians.

    So 0..1 scale would be multiplied/scaled by 2 x pi or 6.2831853...

  • Michael O'Hagan
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    Thank you, this mostly did the trick, but the vec to pol module seems to have an offset of some kind as I had to offset the incoming 0-1 message by .5 to get it to scale properly, but I got the phases to line up.

    But that exposed the next issue with this setup, take a look.

    In the top pic there is a saw wave being generated by the sine bank, but a lightly rippled sine wave being generated by the Ez Ifft module, and in the second pic there is a square wave being generated by the sine bank but a saw wave being generated by the Ez Ifft module.

    I've checked all scales and latches and everything is running in sync and I can't find a reason for this to be happening.

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