Looking to contact the Maschine team about Live Looping In Maschine.

À La One
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Hi Guys.

My name Is Alon, A.k.a. "À La One", aka "DJ Soulcat", from israel, I'm part of a duo named "À La Loop" and what we do for years now is we play strictly live spontaneous music using ableton and maschine. But the real awesomeness is that I use Maschine to LIVE SAMPLE VOICES FROM THE CROWD and use it as part of the music, using the built in sampler and audio unit, making the show interactive, creative and one-time experience.

Using Maschine's sampler and looper in live situations for years now (Still working on the Maschine Mk2 [Budget...]) I have SO much input to give the team on it, especially on how this can turn into an amazing live looper and sampler and there is no reason why this shouldn't on the top of lists of live loopers out there. a little bit of software changes and it could be so intuitive.

you can check us out here: https://www.instagram.com/alaloopmusic/

Would love to do any kind of cooperation with you guys, i really believe in this product and would love to be an advocate and an ambassador for it.



  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @À La One happy to have you here in the forum! Don't forget to tag us on your IG as well so our community & partnerships team can keep an eye on your work. 🙂

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