How to "Enable" NKS for IK Multimedia Products

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I have quite the library of SampleTank products, and I was REALLY hoping I could implement NI's NKS protocol to use its tight integration with my new S88 Kontroller. It hasn't arrived just yet, but I want to be able to hit the ground running.

So, how do I integrate IK Multimedia into the NKS protocol? BTW, I'm using Win11, with SO 6.2.



BTW, the Tag system isn't working at all.


  • Kymeia
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    It doesn’t have native NKS support but there is a third party solution at least for the core Sampletank 4 library but not addons, yet

  • KingKonga
    KingKonga Member Posts: 42 Member

    Sorry, I forgot to thank you. I've been busy pulling my hair out since I just rec'd a new PC, the S88 Mk1 (with all the s'ware), SampleTank 4, and trying to implement it all into PreSonus Sphere. But here's my basic dilemma right now. I'm unable to make the S88 TRANSMIT MIDI on any ch. other than Ch. 1, no matter what VST I use. I'm not saying anything is wrong, and I'll be the 1st to admit it could VERY well be human error since I have so much new stuff. However, this much I CAN be certain, even after opening all the channels up on Studio One, and attempting to play thru all of them, as well as 3 different VST vendors, I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Thanks for any help.

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