What costs are involved in supporting NKS for instrument creators?

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One of instrument developers has released a Kontakt-based product I am interested in, but it's missing NKS support. Some of their other offerings are NKS compatible.

After asking their customer support I was told they have to weigh this into costs and apparently NKS integration is quite expensive - implying it's not only about the time investment.

I had known Kontakt licensing has a cost involved for third party developers and it is understandable enough.

But do you need to pay an additional fee to support NKS as well? If so, is it reasonable to charge these developers extra for work that effectively contributes to the popularity of the platform?


  • Kubrak
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    I guess, NI asks some fee. But most of the cost IMHO lies in "time" needed to make it NKS. Time costs, time is pretty expensive...

    I have asked Eventide about NKS. They made just one of their plugins NKS and since then.... Nothing. They replay was, that problem is not NI fee, but scarse human resources. Simply they have more interesting things to do than spending time on NKS support.....

  • Matt_NI
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    For Kontakt instruments, the NKS integration happens when you get the licensing for the Kontakt Player which has a cost. If we're just talking about VST products then the integration is actually free.

    If we're talking about a Kontakt dev here then they are talking about the cost of the player licensing and not NKS.

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