Where are the roadmap updates?

Ejub Petrovac
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This is not a rant post, but 5 months have passed since the last roadmap update.

What's new and in development? What's still in research? What are we getting besides pattern player, "stability" updates and minor fixes (the reason I'm still at 3.4 version of TP3...)?

Talked about being more transparent? Yeah right..



  • Sûlherokhh
    Sûlherokhh Member Posts: 1,062 Expert

    New Roadmap has been released.

    Major points are:

    • Native Apple M1/M2 support still in testphase.
    • Smoother UI in research added.
    • Flexible Beatgrid moved from in research to in development.

    Chugging forward. 🦋

  • lord-carlos
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    Pro Plus Ultra™ for light UI mode :D

    Browser flickering gone in 2Q 2024? Sick

  • Owner
    Owner Member Posts: 229 Pro
    edited July 20

    boah... only for pro subscription? this is mean... waiting too long for a daylight mode. looks like i have to get into the subscription model after all. but it's probably another half a year until it's finished 😅

    don't see the point yet, why flexible beatgrids should be for the base, but a daylight option only for the subscription...

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