Suggestions for using Traktor with Ableton Live

Pat Erns
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I'm currently using Ableton Live with KK s88, Novation SL mk3, and a couple touchscreens to do live performances where I create all sorts of flavors with Komplete Collectors Edition and other plugins. I had the idea to connect some turntables so I can seamlessly go from recording a looped vocal phrase into scratching that phrase. I've seen a couple videos on the subject but they were years old and this seems to be quite complicated so I'm tapping into y'all for the depth of knowledge!

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  • 6xes
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    just a couple of thing i would encourage you to look into... if you are planning to sync up hardware& external software..

    ableton has a audio "follow" feature where a audio source is fed into a specific ableton channel to read the realtime tempo changes or rhythmic changes and auto adjust tempo/bpm accordingly, this is useful for syncing a live band (whose tempo will drift in & out) and ableton will adjust its BPM/Tempo to follow

    understanding master/slave in midi syncing and having midi button switches assigned to swap them ro enable/disable... at any given moment.. will be useful for transitions...

    lastly knowing the issues that arise when syncing will help you better grasp any sync'ing enviroment, and recognise them when they occur

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    you probably need some Virtual audio ports setup... in order to route the audio between the applications.. the order of routing would ultimately depend on which application you wish to output your audio on.. as the physical audio output device you use, you dont want feeding back into the virtual ports(this is important)

    a virtual audio channel software like blackhole for macos

    or if using windowsOS you could use Voicemeter potato.. or their newer virtual audio software Matrix... im unfamiliar with Matrix... as its relatively new

    basically route the Virtual Audio channels from input to output between applications and then finally route the virtual audio channels to the physical audio device for output... but again just be aware of feedback loops when setting up your routing

    btw..if you are not using a audio interface which supports asio... i wouldnt bother with anything i've mentioned above :)

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    Routing audio never seemed to be much of an issue. The biggest problem I ran into was with the midi sync between the two programs. It would work but was constantly drifting and needing to be re-synced which doesn't work for what I was trying to do. I haven't used it myself but something like the ERM midi clock + would probably be necessary if you want things to actually stay in time. I'm currently building an Arduino based midi master clock hoping it'll fix the sync issues when complete but we'll see. I may end up going the ERM route and if so I'll report back.

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