Maschine feature requests - Continuous take recording & Audioclip improvements & more)

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I am sure this has probably been requested before but I hope to see in the future:

1) Continuous take recording (recording audioclip takes on Maschine the recording always stops after 1 take). Most of the time when recording live instruments you need a few rounds to get the good take. As a bonus if continuous recording is also implemented into "sound" mode, it would automatically assign the recording to the available remaining pads and you could essentially have comping using the "gate" mode. Constantly having to hit the "start" recording button breaks the workflow and gets you out of the zone when recording live.

2) Ability to set start & end loop points for audio clips (snapped to bar) - similar to around 7:05 in this video: LINK BLOCKED (search youtube for: Recording Vocals and Sampling Vinyl in Ableton Push 3 Standalone w/ Ski Oakenfull) - I am actually surprised Maschine doesn't seem to have this feature (unless I am missing something). This would help when you want to record a longer take of something and cut out the best bits.

3) Custom chords mode - ability to enter your own custom chord sets would be amazing

4) Declick in and Declick out - often recording audio I am getting zero cross clicks at the start or end of the loop. I can remove these with Fade in / Fade Out - but its a bit of pain to have to zoom in so close to do the fade properly.

I could think of many more but this is at the top of my list for the moment.


  • Geoff Modulate
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    My big one would be zoom/HD. The UI is pretty detailed and tiny on a 4k monitor. But that goes for almost all NI plugins.

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