Native Access Freezes on “Installing Dependencies“ at Startup

filip pietrzykowski
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can any one help me, it seems really annoying

I am asking for a friend, who purchased yesterday update to Maschine 2.0

after several hours of serious struggle, we cannot open NI access...

Native Access Freezes on “Installing Dependencies“ at Startup

...we tried all suggested solutions...NITKDeamon, uninstall new version and install legacy ver 1.4 ...and everything else, but to no avail...

Very annoying must say, as my friend purchased full komplete and several plugins from NI, first SW maschine mk1 with software, and now he paid another 100 bucks to update program which does not work at all, including all massive, fm8, etc, etc...

considering he spent over 1000 bucks

simply NI access does not want to run...

and now the funniest thing....good luck with trying to contact NI support!!

there is no way...I cant open the ticket, send email .....

absolutely outrageous!!

the only thing you can do is to read steps how to solve it,

or use the online 'helper' - which does not help

don't buy NI products



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