DESPERATE to get Traktor Pro 2.x.x and DenonDJ MC6000mk2 controller to work on old Win7 laptop

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I’m here out of desperation!

I’ve been trying to get my MC6000mk2 to work with Traktor on an old Dell Inspiron laptop (i3, 8gb ram) running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit - with zero success!

InMusic\Denon support have been less than useless, so here I am.

I know that MS no longer supports Windows 7. This is not a problem, as the laptop will not be connected to the web, and will be used purely for seeing how tracks work together etc.

I’m mad at myself because it used to work fine - until I reinstalled Windows WITHOUT creating a system image backup first. DOH!

Nothing I’ve tried works. Ditto suggestions tried through many hours spent online.

To avoid a lengthy post, please see attached to get a flavour of the problems.

Desperately hopig that someone here can help.

Thanks in advance.


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