Sending OSC messages from 2 or more Reaktor instances running at same machine

myorga Member Posts: 4 Member

How i can achive this goal. I need to send OSC messages from 2 instances of reaktor running simultaneously at the same machine. If i activate "Activate OSC" in one of them, the other one says "address is in use". It should to be fine if i use different ports.

Anyone can help with this?




  • myorga
    myorga Member Posts: 4 Member

    Ok, i will answer myself, just configure different RECEIVE port even if i am not using to Receive anything....

  • Quietschboy
    Quietschboy Member Posts: 45 Helper

    Thank you myorga, i am asking myself now why should two Instances not to be allowed to receive on the same IP adress and port?


    Just let me ask this into the round: Is it the OS which is/should be responsible for branching incoming OSC messages on a specific port to several apps?

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