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this may seem like a very silly question but its got me stumped.

ive recently upgraded my macbook air to a macbook pro.

previously i used to keep all my newer music in itunes/music in different playlists that i could play through traktor, i would then plug my hard drive in for all my older music which is very unorganised. (generic folders)

im thinking now is a good time to better organise my files but not sure how. id like to keep everything on an external hard drive to keep space free on the mac. but how do you create playlists on a hard drive that then keeps the order of tracks in traktor

i generally use traktor at home, but would like it all analzed for pioneer so i can play the hard drive out aswell.

any one got any useful tips or links to videos to help with this?




  • lord-carlos
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    Mhh, if you use different DJ programs something like Mixo DJ or lexicon DJ might be for you.

    They can sync between traktor and rekordox. But also between different computers.

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