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hey ho, i have a problem with traktor.
i use traktor 3 and have a s4mk3 and sync via ableton link other instruments. for this trakor switches internally to master bpm. but if i then press master again on the deck (on the s4) then it uses that as the master. so far everything is great. but this is normally not possible in the software, because the button is grayed out. only with the hardware s4 it works. i am in the settings on beatsync. but when mixing the sound hangs up. this happens reproducibly. you do not get over 1-2 tracks. as soon as i go to temposync. it works to some extent, at least without the sound hanging up. but i have to re-sync a lot manually. both are as it seems a workaround or bug so that i can change the tempo at all despite abletonlink. but how else can you DJ well and also be dynamic and keep other instruments in sync? i would prefer to beatsync and edit the tempos of tracks individually. the other instruments also drag along. and the instruments can also change the sync and traktor drags along. what is your stand on this? thanks.

i can't imagine how else to DJ with this function? the same bpm all the time? over hours? changing the bpm by +- on the master is extremely slow and not practical. ableton link is also structured in such a way that there is "anarchy". every member in abletonlink is allowed to change the bpm. so i generally don't understand why the sync has to be on global master and not the tracks of the decks can also be master.

thanks again for ideas.



  • Wyley
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    Abelton Link is always the absolute master.  Think of it as an over the air 1,2,3,4 metronome that everything syncs to.  You gear/software can dictate the tempo but not the metronome.

    Can you post a like to a video of what you are trying to do

  • Stevan
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    Are you on Windows PC? - I have the same issue ever since the Beatport/Beatsource link integration on my PC. I reported it to NI almost a year ago, but they have been silent about it.

    It is all goods on mac though.

  • momas
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    Hey Ho,

    so at the moment i have no time but i try to do da video about it.

    @Wyley yes its the metronome. but there is no reason that the metronome can be changed by a deck set to master. is you are familiar with ableton link, than you know that all tools can change the bpm. so see the deck as a instrument. and for sure. in the beginning and also later when i play other tracks i have to be sure that the global metronome and my track is starting same on 1 and then it will stay sync.

    its a bug with s4mk3 and i like the bug it should be a feature.

    but yes i will provide a video in the near future ;-) thx already for you answers.

    @Stevan i use mac os but i also use windows 10. i use still 3.4.2 so this is a version before beatport. i think this came with 3.5. so it's a thing what has nothing to do with the beatport-link integration ;-)

    NI support answered me that i should listen to wyley and provide a video. this is my next step.

    i hope that we will see in the near future that this will be possible. because then b2b with instruments will reach a new level! and it would be something that people can use in there jam/band projects and are not forced to the much more compley ableton live software ;-) also the controller for traktor are so handy ;-)

  • Wyley
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    I asked to see a video cause I’m confused about what you wanna do by looking at what you wrote.

    I tried Abelton Link with Traktor and it works after performing a ritual. I mostly use link with my standalone equipment though.

  • momas
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    Hey @Wyley,

    now i found some time.

    thx for help.

    i knew alone more than 20 native instrument user which would love that this would work.

    i think it is small thing.

    it really depends which deck is master or not and get stopped.

    it appears with stopping the playback ;-)

    thx for help again.

    have a nice weekend


    filme editor

  • Wyley
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    That looks like a bug at the end of the video.

    Most of what you described in you video is working as stated in the Traktor manual.

    When you pressed the deck master on your controller you were able to use the tempo fader (I have to do this too). This tells me that you could map the global master to the controller and use that maybe it might work the same. You could also map the global bpm to your controller to make things easier.

    You have a nice busy setup going on.

  • momas
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    Good idea.

    But it is also about to use Traktor normal. and friends of mine also have this controller.

    when there would be a option to stop this behavior i would prefer this.

    i also not really know which option i would use to map this. i need the faders and i need them with shift too.

    but maybe something like the favourite oder prep button combined with the faders could manipulate the global.

    thx for the idea.

  • Wyley
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    You could use one of the effects knobs. I mapped my xfader curve adjust to one of the knobs and relative mode to the button below it while pressing shift for when I use timecode.

  • Ogunremix
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    I came across the bug in your video whilst using Traktor, S4 mk3 and Ableton link to an Akai Force standalone box. I accidentally switched one of the decks to MASTER everything's works except that one decks which outputs loud noise.

    Not something you want to happen during a live set.

  • DJ Ezra
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    @Wyley I'm just getting into mappings. Is there a way to map the samples knob to the xfader curve? I have an S4 as well as an S2.

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